3 Projects for making good use of your time at home


1. Prepare your spring garden

Are you the proud owner of a garden? Then count yourself double-lucky: not only does a blooming garden bring joy. It is also an excellent project in times of COVID-19. Because especially after the long winter months, cold and frost have often badly affected the lovingly tended outdoor area. It is also the perfect opportunity for a complete redesign! So, it's high time to put on your gardening gloves and start laying out those flower beds. It makes no difference whether it is a small city garden or a generously laid-out green area: With our easy garden preparation tips you can set the scene perfectly for your outdoor area. And best of all: With this project you can literally watch the fruits of your success grow from day to day.

2. Give your home a makeover

Now that you are spending considerably more time in your own four walls, it’s the ideal time to give your home a creative makeover. Surely the one or other area could do with some vamping up? Try using extraordinary art objects as decoration. If you believe the French connoisseur Henri Matisse, this kind of creativity requires - besides a decorative object - above all one thing: courage. Beyond that, however, ideas and certain basic rules also help to bring out the best in the shapes, colours and textures of objects of art when decorating. In our article we therefore explain which art objects are suited for which room. The nice thing about this project is that in the end you can experience a completely new feeling of home. So, give it a try right away!

3. Perfecting the workspace

The corona crisis is currently forcing many employees to work from the home office. This makes it all the more important to design the work area so that it is not only free of distractions, but also allows more efficient work. An extra room exclusively for home work is only the beginning. Many other factors also influence focus and concentration in the home office. We have therefore compiled seven tips for relaxed working from home for you. With the help of this article you will end up with the perfect workspace in your home. Do you have further questions about your property or whether Covid-19 will change the real estate prices? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are still available for you by phone, email or video chat. We look forward to hearing from you!