7 fun activities to do during the Mid-autumn festival
7 fun activities to do during the Mid-autumn festival

7 fun activities to do during the Mid-autumn festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon and heralds the arrival of less excruciating temperatures and a long weekend off work. It is time to get out and about to enjoy the festivities. You may check out the best of what’s on offer in town. From locals to expats, the Mid-autumn festival is celebrated throughout Hong Kong. Engel & Volkers’ luxury real estate sales agents can attest to how every region of Hong Kong celebrates this Chinese holiday.


This year's Mid Autumn Festival takes place on 24 September 2018. The major carnival in Victoria Park takes place on that day. Other lantern carnivals, displays, and exhibitions will start in early September. And while the Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally all about feasting on mooncakes and checking out paper lanterns, the city has a whole lot more to keep you entertained.

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Victoria Park


Any lazy islanders who can’t face trekking to the New Territories can take a stroll in all lantern carnivals, especially one in Victoria Park’s Urban Mid Autumn Lantern Carnival. This is the all-in-one event that offers the lantern displays and a full cultural programme including a Fire Dragon Dance, kung fu demonstrations, folk songs, and crafts.

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Thematic Lantern Display


You can’t get enough lantern displays in Tsim Sha Tsui during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The delicate lanterns are shaped into mythical characters such as Chang’E and the jade rabbit that keeps her company on the moon. These detailed illuminations come to life in a parade of lights to allow visitors to watch the legend unfold. It allows visitors to discover the original tale behind the public holiday.


Fire Dragon Dance


The fire dragon dance is famous in Tai Hang. It has been performed for over a century. But that is not only the tradition but the dance as well. A 67-meter long dragon, 300 performers and 70000 incense sticks and firecrackers also make up part of this extravagant celebration in Tai Hang, from the 23rd to 25th of September. Beat the crowd and head to Wun Sha Street for the best view. Those who want to witness local traditions should head to Tai Hang.

fire dragon dance

Moon-gazing at the Astropark


You may also head to Sai Kung’s Astro Park for the clearest sight of the moon. Get Away from the concrete jungle and dirty light of the rest of the city by going to the Astro Park. The Astro Park boasts an area of 1200 sqm and a range of astronomical instruments you can get busy with. And with Mid-Autumn one of the best times to view the moon, you’re guaranteed a breathtaking view of the night sky.


Mooncake Making workshop


It’s time to start making your own and stop devouring all those boring stores bought mooncakes. Put your oven mitts on and learn the secret to these sweet treats. Mooncakes can be made with a beautiful twist of color and you can customize your own with a range of designs, and fillings from red bean to custard. This kind of workshop is taught by professional pastry chefs, so making mooncakes here is just as easy as eating them.


Central Pier Market


Looking for another alternative in their Mid-Autumn celebrations, the usual cheer is still palpable in Central Pier’s night market, though it isn’t your typical firecracker and lantern-filled festival. That is ideal for a night of thrifty cheap finds, selling various trinkets, handicrafts from local designers and seasonal sweet treats. This can be the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy your time off work. With Victoria Harbour, the skyline and a full moon as the picture-perfect backdrop of Hong Kong views.


Lamma Fisherfolk Village Market


For a unique “on the water” experience, you may sail your way to Lamma Island. Loaded with historic culture, the Fisherfolk Village at Lamma has put together a festive Mid-Autumn-themed market. Take part in local workshops and performances or walk down the memory lane with delicious classic snacks, or even a light-hearted, cozy get-together, where you can gaze at the moon while floating on the ocean - the perfect excuse to get out of the city this weekend.


Mid-Autumn festival means that families and communities traditionally get together to celebrate the harvesting season and pray for a good harvest next year. A great opportunity to try the main dish of the festival—a mooncake with an exciting jumble of creative fillings! In Hong Kong, you can find hundreds of varieties and unusual fillings to satisfy any taste buds.




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