Feng Shui: How to attract greater wealth to the home and office?
Feng Shui: How to attract greater wealth to the home and office?

Feng Shui: How to attract greater wealth to the home and office?

Feng shui can be applied to all aspects of our lives. Today, we are going to speak to Jill Lander, professional Feng Shui consultant of Golden Elements about adherence to Feng Shui principles to help attract greater wealth to the home or office.

Could you explain to us what is an ideal floor plan for a home or an office according to the principles of Feng Shui?

[Jill Lander] An ideal floor plan would be one of uniformed shapes in the design. This kind of floor plan allows all energy to be contained and utilized.

Feng Shui emphasizes the importance of having a strong front door and a clutter-free space to increase the flow of wealth to a home or office. Could you elaborate?

[Jill Lander] Yes, a strong front door should be of a good size in proportion with the overall property. The entrance is known as the mouth of Chi and should always be checked for obstacles and obstructions of any kind.

Entrances should be kept well lit and clutter-free to support positive energy to negate and reduce obstacles. Clutter is the number one enemy of Feng Shui. Clutter inhibits energy and creates an atmosphere of stagnation where it’s tough to feel inspired and creative. A renewed energy flow leads to happier human beings and productivity. One way to reduce clutter is to aim to keep items off the floor to prevent setbacks and obstacles. True Feng Shui principles refer to any open space in front of any door or building as a 'Ming Tan’, which allows both wealth and luck to be 'activated' and maximized.

A clean and well-maintained lobby or entrance allows a free flow of energy to enter and embrace any space. This aspect in turn increases positive recognition and allows for future prosperity. An open space in front of any door helps to enhance luck.

How do you define the money area of a home or an office?

[Jill Lander] The wealth area of a home or office may be determined in several ways. However, a professional practitioner best identifies the strongest area of the wealth of space by the age and orientation of any property. A professional Feng Shui practitioner determines the wealth hotspot of a space, by working out the primary water star energy that needs to be in sync with the current time.

Once you have identified the money area of your home or office, how do you decorate it in adherence to the principles of good Feng Shui so that it attracts wealth and prosperity?

[Jill Lander] The most effective way to activate the primary wealth energy of any office or home is to place active flowing water in the form of a water feature or fish tank. Wealth or luck may also be successfully activated by the element of metal as in the ‘Five Elemental Theory’ - ‘Metal generates Water.’

You may also decorate the wealth area with shiny objects and use a mixture of blue decorative items or textures mixed with metallic accents.

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How do you avoid making mistakes in decorating the money area of your home or office?

[Jill Lander] Keep it simple and don’t over ‘activate’ with too many items – over-activation can lead to wealth accumulation but high expenditure! 

Suppose you have identified your bathroom as the money area of your home or office? How do you increase the money flow in this area?

[Jill Lander] First of all, you should keep the bathroom door closed at all times to keep your wealth contained. Toilet seats should also be down at all times. You may also choose to place a mirror on the outside of the door that needs to be large enough to cover two-thirds of the door. Depending on the location of the toilet or bathroom, there is an elemental formula that can safely protect your wealth applied by a qualified practitioner.

It is often said that the kitchen is the most important part of a home. How does one create good Feng Shui in the kitchen?

[Jill Lander] From a Chi or energy perspective, the kitchen needs to be contained and as such have no"through draught" of Chi. By this, I mean the kitchen should not be in line with any door. The ideal position for a cooker is away from the door, and as far into the overall kitchen space as possible. It is important while using the cooker to have a clear perspective and view of the door (yet not in a direct line). So in a smaller confined space, it can be a positive feature to install a mirrored splashback behind the cooker angled in such a direction so that the cook can see the door while preparing food for the family. Energy not only enters through windows and doors but can also dissipate quickly. So another consideration is to avoid placing a cooker directly underneath a skylight or directly in front of a window – offside is actually perfect for positive ventilation and limiting the total loss.

We often spend a lot of time in the living room of a house. What Feng Shui compliant tips do you have for the layout of a living room?

[Jill Lander] There are countless ways in which you can organize your precious living space. Depending on how you live and how you entertain, aim to design your home to suit your own living requirements.

Here are a few tips for your Living Room.

1.    The living room should be located near the main door but not in the direct line. The room should be well lit and receive corrective lighting according to the orientation of the home, a chandelier is considered ideal lighting for the Yang area living room.

2.    Ideally the living room should be of a regular shape and should not be too big or too small so it should occupy a balanced space within the overall floor area of the home.

3.    If possible, the Living Room should be designated on the outer side of the home and not be located within the central area as this can lead to the family energy being 'trapped’.

4.    Do not display pictures of fierce or aggressive animals or scenes.

5.    Avoid exposed shelves as this can send out negative energy.

6.    Display ‘family’ portraits or photographs in this ‘family’ area of the home.

Does the presence of abundant Feng Shui products help the flow of money into a home? What kind of products do you recommend?

[Jill Lander] I am a great believer in quality rather than quantity in regards to enhancing good Feng Shui. Good Feng Shui should be ‘felt rather than seen’ and I do not advocate turning any precious space into a Feng Shui showroom. Therefore, I feel correctly placed water can be very potent. Also, the use of certain metal items when introduced as design accents in their natural form in tune with the individual's taste help to enhance good Feng Shui.

Do you wish to have a professional Feng Shui consultation with Feng Shui master Jill Lander? Jill is based in Hong Kong and has her own Feng Shui consultancy, Golden Elements. Are you interested in luxury real estate that has good Feng Shui? At Engel & Vöelkers local real estate agents can help you find the perfect home. 

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