Bringing up Baby the Feng Shui Way
Bringing up Baby the Feng Shui Way

Bringing up Baby the Feng Shui Way

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that seeks to restore balance in the environment that we reside in. The central theme of Feng Shui relates to the flow of energy ‘Chi’ which sustains life. However, the smooth flow of Chi is often hampered, or then it gets trapped. Feng Shui practitioners are trained to recognize the point where Chi encounters barriers. They also specialize in realigning living environments to enable the free flow of Chi. Thus, their services are highly valued and are much in demand.

Engel & Völkers Hong Kong has teamed up with famed Feng Shui master and consultant, Jill Lander of the Golden Elements Feng Shui consultancy to bring you valuable insights from the world of Feng Shui.

Since the new school year has just commenced in Hong Kong, we thought it appropriate to discuss with Jill the possibility of raising children in a Feng Shui-compatible environment.

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Jill, it is said Feng Shui promotes the holistic development of an individual. Hence, perhaps it’s wise to adhere to the norms of Feng Shui right from the start, from when a child is born? Bearing this in mind could you enlighten us on the Feng Shui compatible way to adorn a baby’s nursery?

[Jill Lander] Our children are the most precious gifts – from the day they are born we aim to offer them the very best of everything. Sensitive to their environment, we should provide them with a sense of well-being with the appropriate energy to enhance their development, temperament, and health from an early age. The most important aspect to factor in is to make the child feel safe and protected at all times.

When considering decorating a child’s room using FENG SHUI principles it is important to determine the child’s personal element. The birth chart of a child determines his/her personal element. Knowing what suits and what doesn’t suit the temperament of the child can have a great impact on what choice of colors and murals to use.

I always advise my clients with young children, especially those who have kids who are learning to sleep alone, that they should lie in the room for a few minutes after a child has gone to bed. This wait helps to ascertain the impact of the décor and design of the room in the evening light may have on sleep patterns.

How important is the position of the cot or the crib in a baby's nursery or room?

[Jill Lander] Directional Feng Shui supports the importance of the sleep position.

A baby's sleeping position should be considered at all times as this can have a huge impact on their development and general well-being. I always encourage parents to offer their baby as much directional and elemental support as soon as possible so that their energy is in harmony with their personal space and their environment. When aligning a baby's crib or a child’s bed, the most important factor is to align the head towards their most supportive personal direction.

The personal direction is determined by the gender and birth year of a child. When new parents or parents of an anxious child who doesn't sleep through the night align with the child's personal direction, they usually achieve immediate success by adhering to this Feng Shui birth formula. Babies are super sensitive to their environment. Therefore, it is vital to offer them contained energy to familiarize themselves with smell and sound and to align them to their natural vibration.

Jill, are there any Feng Shui cures that help to soothe a restless, cranky baby?

[Jill Lander] Yes, the use of light and sound are the primary sources of these Feng Shui cures. Lighting should not be too bright, and subtle movements can be very calming – glitter and lava lamps I have found helps soothe a baby very well. Of course, there are so many amazing products available these days, products that emit sounds that send out gentle vibrations are ideal.

A baby who is experiencing restless sleep patterns can be exhausting therefore in addition to paying careful attention to light it is also important to observe what shadows are formed within the room by mobiles and toys. These accouterments may look cute and cuddly during the day, but they can turn into disturbing nighttime shadows!

From babies, we move on to children of school-going age. As children enter the school-going years, the acquisition of knowledge and education assumes much importance. Jill, what’s the ideal way to outfit a child’s bedroom or study area to ensure maximum concentration? 

[Jill Lander] Children are usually full of Yang energy – this usually means more noise and brighter lighting than we would use for a baby’s nursery. Try not to place the desk between a door and window or have a window or a door behind the chair. Avoid having a protruding air conditioner or an exposed beam above the bed or desk.

Trees growing in the proximity of your child’s bedroom can be rather overwhelming and can exhaust the knowledge element of wood. Avoid sharp edges of cupboards, pillars, and protruding corners within the room. Try to align the desk to the walls in a regular setting.

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Jill, can you enlighten us on the importance of a child’s sleep direction and the role it plays in influencing behavior?

[Jill Lander] It is important to focus on a child’s individual needs by taking into consideration their personal development direction(s) formulated from their birth year and gender. Personal direction is the most important factor, as bad bed placement is often the cause of problems for a child’s personal development, health, and academic performance.

Additionally, you should ensure the bed size is appropriate and it is not too short. You should also never have the bed end facing the door. Both these factors can create a lack of concentration and emotional support. The sleeping and sitting directions when doing homework are the two vital factors in getting their Feng Shui right.

As children grow and advance in years, their studying habits and academic grades are often a source of worry and stress for parents. Are there any Feng Shui symbols, which are known to be education, energizers? 

[Jill Lander] Yes, there are many suitable academic energizers that may be placed on the desk. Before I list a few ideas, I would like to point out that the most important direction for academia is considered to be the NORTHEAST. Therefore, it is important to aim not to have a toilet or a storeroom or kitchen in this section of the home for this can exhaust the earth energy of the home for any child. This incorrect placement in turn can impact stability during their early and developmental years.

If you do find that the northeast of your home is afflicted, and your child is experiencing learning or behavior challenges then place a metal wind chime or metal bells in the afflicted area.

Stones, rocks, or quartz crystals all of which happen to be ideal Feng Shui study enhancers typically fascinate children of all ages. Place a crystal globe or sphere and a seven-level tiered pagoda in the northeast corner of the child’s bedroom and or desk. Offer your child a personal crystal point; this type of crystal should sit on the study desk when he/she is studying and under the pillow when sleeping. Once a connection has been made they may choose to take their personal crystal into exams.

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We’ve heard of the phrase- burning the midnight oil. According to Feng Shui, what is the ideal time for a productive study session? Early morning or late at night?

[Jill Lander] Early morning for a young child is preferable. For children older than the age of 14, evening time may be more beneficial, but lights out should be no later than 11 pm. This is when the water element takes over and can be counterproductive for the mind’s energy causing disturbed sleep patterns.

Jill, what is the KUA formula? How does one use it to determine the right study directions?

[Jill Lander] The Kua formula based on gender and year of birth is used to determine certain personal directions for various aspects of our lives such as health – social interactions and development. The correct name for the study direction is the FuWEi direction. Try to let your child face his/her FuWei direction when studying.

The calculation to determine a child’s FuWei direction is as follows:-

For GIRLS born on or after 2000 add the last two numbers of the birth year then reduce to a single digit then add six, this will give you the child’s personal direction.

For BOYS born on or after 2000 add the last two numbers of the birth year then reduce to a single digit and deduct from nine this will give you the child’s personal directions.

For ease, I have formulated all Kua directions for your readers: -

GIRLS 2000 (STUDY) FuWei Direction = NORTHWEST

BOYS 2000 (STUDY) FuWei Direction = SOUTH


2001 = WEST2001 = NORTHEAST

2002 = NORTHEAST2002 = WEST

2003 = NORTHWEST2003 = SOUTH

2004 = SOUTHWEST2004 = NORTH


2006 = EAST2006= EAST


2008 = NORTH2008 = SOUTHWEST

2009 = NORTHWEST2009 = SOUTH

2010 = WEST2010 = NORTHEAST

2011 = NORTHEAST2011 = WEST

2012 = SOUTH2012 = NORTHWEST

2013 = NORTH2013 = SOUTHWEST


2015 = EAST2015 =EAST


Does rearranging furniture when you are stuck in a rut while studying help to stimulate surrounding Chi?

[Jill Lander] It can, yes, but it has more limitations than changing furniture in other areas of the home to stimulate energy flow, as it remains important to stay within the parameters of incorporating the FuWei direction. It may be more beneficial to change colors or artwork and arrange other furniture items such as cupboards or bookshelves for instance.

Thank you, Jill, for this has been a most enlightening exchange. We all know that happy and well-adjusted children make a home complete.

If you want to schedule a personal consultation with Jill Lander, do get in touch with us to set up an appointment with Jill at +852 2561 3616 or then by email at

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