The Magic of Lighting - how lighting helps Feng Shui
The Magic of Lighting - how lighting helps Feng Shui

The Magic of Lighting - how lighting helps Feng Shui

It’s a well-known fact that lightning is an integral component of home decor. 

Could you tell us about the importance of good lighting according to the principles of Feng Shui?

The objective of Feng Shui is to enhance the chi flow, in a balanced way, to an environment to enhance a greater life force. A home that has areas that are dark or not well lit will lack life force energy. The incredible power of light can move us in a split second from being in the dark and unable to ‘see’ to being able to ‘see’.

Lighting has a great impact on our general well-being and motivation. Light relates to the element of fire, which in turn relates to recognition, confidence, and upward movement. There is no light as beautiful and nurturing as natural sunlight.

Light is a wonderful enhancer to harness positive energy. It also has the potential to reduce any negative impact that you may be experiencing such as obstacles in your life, relationship problems, tension, and competition in business.

  Natural light is most beneficial to us as human beings - Lights are used to brighten or ‘open up’ any dark areas where negative energy can accumulate – up lighting is especially beneficial.

→   Fluorescent lighting is not so supportive and can have an impact on our health especially upon the liver that can lead to anger that in turn may lead to demotivation and depression.

Light is a wonderful ‘diffuser’ of negative energy – especially within any dark corner(s) of any space.  Dark spots in the home can lead to dark spots in the body that can lead to the dilution of any energy. Up-lighters positioned under beams are considered effective for balancing the effects of the beams.

Corrective Lighting - Each astrological birth sign holds a special ‘light formula’ referred to as the 

Light Trinity-  which when correctly implemented increases individual luck potential and helps with decision making. 

What areas of a home need to be illuminated?

Light is a very flexible tool that at the flick of a switch can change the energy of any room and or space from Yang to Yin and vice versa. It is considered most beneficial to have the living areas of a home well illuminated. These areas are where the most activity takes place and include spaces such as the lounge - dining room and kitchen or the Yang areas of the home. They should be brightened with more lighting in comparison to the bedroom and bathrooms or the Yin areas of the home.  

How can you improve the lighting of a home that does not receive much natural light?

There are many forms of lighting available to us, and therefore it is easier now than it has ever been to create the exact lighting suitable for any home and any space.

Free-standing lights and especially up lights are easily available to create the effect desired, keeping energy costs down and being effective and adaptable to any space.

Uplights are great if you have a low or sloping ceiling and their utilization will result in your energy feeling less restricted or confined.

Spotlights are also good to open up any small or confined area allowing the focus to be drawn to any particular object or specific area.

A bright ceiling and slightly darker floors mirror the relationship between that of the sky and earth, making for greater interior lighting that offers a more natural effect to any space.

Finally on this aspect of lighting lampshades made from fabric or paper offer a more yin and calming aspect to any room. So if your space is light restricted aim to apply more bold materials such as metal or reflective lampshades to offer a far more yang essence to the area.  

Tell us about the importance of having a well-lit entranceway 

The entrance is considered to be the ‘mouth’ of the home or office. It should accordingly receive good lighting at all times in order to be welcoming and illuminating for the energy of the home – office and its occupants. To enter any space, which does not receive good lighting will have a great impact on what takes place from a mental and physical aspect.

What is the best kind of lighting for a bedroom? The kitchen?

Lights generate more yang chi; therefore, the bedroom requires corrective lighting in order to keep the passion alive and yet balanced enough to allow sleep to be peaceful. Table lights or lamps placed on the floor focus inward energy creating a more cosy, intimate, and yin environment that is good for any bedroom. Reflective lighting also helps to diffuse and spread the energy of the bedroom making for a more restful atmosphere. I always advise my clients to prepare the bedroom lighting at least 30 minutes before retiring, especially for those who have trouble falling asleep. 

The kitchen and dining room often form the ‘heart’ of the home. They signify the assembling of family and enable the generation of harmony and luck. It is thus important to create a balanced atmosphere of coming together. Therefore, positive Feng Shui kitchen lighting should always be well balanced and ideally directed towards the floor for stability. Overhead lighting should not be too bright. Similarly, the use of balanced lighting in the kitchen area is very important to harmonize the energy of the home.

Nowadays there are countless lighting fixtures available on the market. Are there certain shapes and forms, which are considered inauspicious according to the rules of Feng Shui? 

Yes for sure ceiling lights and any lights above the head or directed upwards should be of a soft design with no sharp angles or corners.  

Wall lamps and lamps within the south may be more dramatic in design as they will expand the energy making for more decisive action. Choose light fittings that are in balance in terms of size and shape with the room. 

Chandeliers create a magical kind of lighting and are considered to be the ultimate for lighting any room or entrance. If you are considering investing in a beautiful chandelier, aim to choose one with round crystal decorative pieces and never one with too sharp crystal points. Chandeliers hold inspiring energy with a wow factor and should not appear as if they are about to fall on you. Instead, their light should embrace your energy, and you should never feel ‘hit’ by it. 

Feng Shui often refers to full-spectrum lighting. What is full-spectrum lighting and for what part of a home is it appropriate? 

Full-spectrum lighting is considered to be a Yang form of lighting and it is best used in rooms that would benefit from a boost of high energy.

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Do you need to use white light only or can colored lights be used as well? 

Colours hold their own vibration. They relate to the five elements of nature, so it is always advised to use the productive cycle in any form of interior design and Feng Shui. It’s all a matter of ‘going with the flow’ for example warm natural colours are best used in the east and south of the home whilst cooler colours and metallic hues harmonize well with the west and north sectors of the home. For example, a red lamp would always look superb within the south of the home while white light would be most suitable within the west and northwest of the home or any individual room. 

Lighting can affect our health, in particular, the liver, kidneys and adrenals. It can either make our systems sluggish or then overwork the systems, which can result in a considerable ‘imbalance’ in our energy field. Headaches can also be a result of negative lighting.

  Fluorescent lighting is not so supportive and can have an impact on our health, which can lead to anger, which in turn may lead to demotivation and depression. 

Are there any areas of a home that should not be energized? 

Energy is required in every part of the home or particular space; the secret is to appreciate what energy is available and to harmonize it. 

Can you have too much light in your home? If so, how do you balance it? 

It’s not so much a matter of having too much or too little lighting rather it’s about creating an environment that suits an individual at any given time. So as to maximize true potential, however, too much light can always be mitigated.

Lighting is essential in every home. It is important to consider the amount your luxury estate holds adequate natural light that will support good Feng Shui in your household. Get in touch with our realty agents at Engel & Völkers to assist you in finding a million-dollar home for sale that possesses the magic of lighting you need. Visit our website and meet our best online real estate agents or meet with a realtor near you.

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