Real Estate News: Owning property brings happiness
Real Estate News: Owning property brings happiness

Real Estate News: Owning property brings happiness

Happiness Through Property

Around two-thirds of the property owners surveyed said that they were happy with their property. And 36 percent of the rental tenants surveyed said that buying a property would make them happier. The researchers found that unusually happy moments included the purchase of the property, moving in, and the payment of the last installment.

Surroundings are Key

Aside from owning your property, location, surroundings, good infrastructure, and public transport connections are all factors which influence personal satisfaction. Size, price, and fittings are also decisive in how satisfied the residents are with their property. Property owners are also happier with their surroundings than rental tenants. According to the study, 80 percent of property owners would buy a property again if given the chance, and 65% would even buy the same property.

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Reasons to Buy a Property

There are many reasons to acquire your property. Property is, as always, a secure provision for your retirement. Anyone who pays attention to good fittings and a good or very good location can look forward to their “concrete gold” retaining or increasing its value over time.  As a purchase for life, your property offers a high quality of life and brings freedom by its very design. But it is not only the creative aspect which speaks in favor of buying a house: Many people are also convinced by the opportunity to reduce energy costs with good insulation and to live in an environmentally friendly way.

Searching for residential properties is the first step for that happiness. If you’re already thinking ahead like retirement, investment real estate is a wise decision. At Engel & Völkers real estate sales agents are equipped to help you.

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