Living in Sai Kung

Consisting mainly of village houses, Sai Kung is a low-density neighborhood where you can enjoy relatively more living space and an abundance of fresh air compared to high-rise inner city Hong Kong neighbourhoods. With plenty of open space and a very sizeable expat population, Sai Kung is both a beachside suburb and part of a natural wilderness with a laid-back and relaxing attitude. Expats love it because they don’t feel cramped, and mostly coming from countries where people are used to having a backyard, and driving to work, this suburb offers one of the closest replications of a western lifestyle that Hong Kong can provide.

A Sports Mecca

Sai Kung offers some of the most incredible outdoor water sports of its own including see-through kayaking and snorkeling. For sports enthusiasts, you can sunbathe, swim and snorkel and kayak at beaches like Hoi Ha Wan and Pak Lap Wan. You can also choose to go hiking at the Sai Kung East and West Country Park for some of the most spectacular views in Asia.

Generally speaking, Sai Kung is split into two main areas – Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay although most people do make the distinction of two separate suburbs. Living in the area is all about escaping the high rise hustle and bustle of Hong Kong yet still within an acceptable commuter distance.


Houses are the typical village house which is 2100 sq ft standard normally spread over 3 floors. There are a few other options such as town houses, duplexes and low rise apartment complexes that have developed over the years and give variety to residents who may not need a full house.

Sai Kung may not be the most convenient neighbourhood to get to - there’s no MTR currently, (although plans for an MTR line are being discussed) the nearest MTR station is Hang Hau a 25 minute ride to Central and bus routes can be slow and winding depending on traffic levels.

owever, it’s gorgeous beaches and picturesque hikes make it well worth the effort to set up home in this suburb. Most people own a car, so that they are fully mobile with children and or a commute to work if you are lucky enough to have work parking.

If you have children, there are international schools in the district, including Clearwater Bay School, ESF Abacus International Kindergarten, and the Hong Kong Academy, offering programs of pre-kindergarten, primary years and middle years. For those families with pets, Sai Kung is super pet-friendly with an abundance of pet facilities such as dog parks and swimming pools and restaurants with outdoor seating. A bowl of water is always forthcoming.


Sai Kung area is well set up with supermarkets, shopping centers, malls, cinema, bowling alley, nurseries and garden centers. The main square and harbour area have some wonderful restaurants and bars, with a very active social scene. Once you’ve made the commute home on Friday you can relax, and just enjoy knowing you don’t need to leave your spectacular neighbourhood.